Kerala Erotic Story

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fuck Fat Girls Gangbang

Sara had in fact been spanked only three or four days ago, by her best friend and college roommate Nancy, for coming home without her panties three hours after the school library had closed. But their relationship had involved mostly play spanking, not very hard, before Nancy used first her fingers, and then the new anal vibrator, on Sara’s tight little asshole. That night Nan also used a thicker vibrator on Sara’s shaved pussy, as the sexy freshman told her roommate about the cute guy who picked her up in the library stacks, and took her back to his apartment for a good ass reaming.


"You're serious? You really want me to do it again?"

"Yes!" Rachel said fiercely. "I left it at 'X', by accident. It was behind the bar and when we.... Er.... Left, I forgot it."

We sat in silence, the frustration hanging like a cloud around us. We had both been bored and decided on a mid afternoon movie. As we pulled into the parking lot, I decided to give it one more try. I wanted him to look at me, notice that I was still a woman. I wanted him to want me. As he rounded the car, I bent down to pull on my boots, lingering so that he couldn't miss the ass shot. I straightened up and turned around just in time to catch a small grin, then it was gone. Well, at least he's not dead, I thought.

"Because Jill called us looking for you," he stated.

John slid his hands under Jan's armpits and set her upright. She was in a kneeling position. He pushed her knees apart and began to place the collar about her slender neck, first brushing back her luscious locks of silky-smooth hair. Jan opened her mouth to protest. John was prepared.

“Why not? Is it because you would be cheating on mom?”

He froze when he heard a long moan. It was the unmistakable sound of sexual pleasure. He cocked his head towards the source and waited.

I came over and stood in front of her.

I’m so sorry, Daddy! I want to put my hands all over his body (“You slut!”-Hard slap!) and ride him until he screams my name and shoots his hot, sticky load deep inside me!”

She brought her hand down to stop him again but he held it and slid it all they way down between them until he held her hand against the bulge in his trousers.

Lara sank down to her knees and drew the nearest cock to her mouth. Sucking on it, tasting it. Running her tongue around it as she sucked hard. Her mouth sliding down its length and back up. Dave gasped as she sucked on his cock. Moaning at the pleasure she was bringing him. The sound filled Lara's ears. She wanted them all, so wanted them to fuck her. She had no idea whether it was the alcohol she had drunk or what. But she was hornier than she had ever known.

I almost blurted out fuck me up the ass. Instead I said, "Maybe you could spank me."

He came into the light, on all fours, a Great Shaggy Wolf of indeterminate color; on all fours, he was still as high as her shoulders.

"I'll just run upstairs and get us something to drink," Brandy patted my chest. "Just lie down and make yourself comfortable."

I laughed and tweaked him again, then got an idea. "Hold on…" I removed my hand from his nipple, shhhing the little groan of protest from him. I had his shirt unbuttoned in about ten seconds and about three seconds after that I had my mouth attached to his nipple.